There’s a number of things you should check when going live on Silverstripe Cloud to ensure your go-live is as smooth as possible.

Go-live checks

Check your domains are registered for this environment

To ensure your domains properly route to your stack you should check that any domains intended to point to production have been entered in to the domains tab.

This is especially important when using virtual stacks as if domains are not entered for virtual stacks they will be routed to the base stack.

Check the DNS to point your domains to

The DNS to point your domains to is available on the domains page also, if you are using a WAF such as Incapsula or CloudFlare you should ensure your domains point to the WAF.

Check whitelist is not enabled

Before go-live you should check that production is publicly accessible by checking the whitelists tab.

Check production has the correct codebase, database and assets

Ensure that production has the correct content before going live, you may wish to restore a snapshot from UAT to production to sort this.

Check that emails work

Sending email from custom domains (anything other than example@-sites.silverstripe.com) will not work unless you have configured SES with the Cloud support team. This should be tested prior to go-live.

Be prepared for real world traffic

Prior to go-live it is important to understand the amount of traffic your site can handle and how much traffic you expect it to receive. Load testing is the best way to figure this out, if you locate pages that load slowly consider adding caching or cutting down on database queries per page load.

Configure HTTPS

HTTPS is an important security feature and also improves a site’s standing on search engines. See the ssl section for how to implement HTTPS on Silverstripe Cloud.