Project setup

First step is to ensure you have composer installed.

Now create a new Silverstripe site in ./path/to/site (or a path of your choosing):

composer create-project silverstripe/installer ./path/to/site ^4

Install required modules for operation with Silverstripe Cloud:

cd ./path/to/site
composer require silverstripe/crontask
composer require silverstripe/dynamodb

Configure the environment file:

cp .env.example .env

Edit this .env file and set values corresponding to your local database credentials. See Environment management documentation for more information.

Please also see Getting started documentation for further information on setting up Silverstripe sites.

Here is a list of considerations that should be taken:

  • Modules should be installed using composer.
  • Environment config must be used for credentials. Please see Environment management documentation.
  • The environment file should not be committed to the code. .env should be in the .gitignore file.
  • Database credentials and the database name should not be set in code, these should only be configured in your environment file.

Deploying your project

To deploy your project, please see the deployments documentation.

Importing database & assets

For information on how to import your database and assets please refer to the snapshots documentation.

Configuring your Silverstripe Cloud stack

Some configuration such as PHP version can be changed. See the .platform.yml file docs for more information.

Other configuration such as domains, and whitelist can be configured. See the Cloud features section for more information.


See the FAQ for some answers to common problems.