Environment configuration allows a Release Manager or Stack Manager to set non-sensitive environment configuration variables through Silverstripe Cloud. These are currently restricted to constants (key/value) that will be placed in the environment file.

This file will also contain variables that are provided by the Silverstripe Cloud so that the application can connect to databases and other services. These system provided variables will not show up in the variables section. It is not possible to set or override these constants. Here is an example of pre-defined variables:

  • ELASTICSEARCH_HOST (only if stack has elasticsearch)
  • ELASTICSEARCH_PORT (only if stack has elasticsearch)
  • ELASTICSEARCH_INDEX (only if stack has elasticsearch)

You can access the environment configuration by navigating to the environment and selecting the configuration tab.

Silverstripe Cloud

Updating environment configuration

Environment configuration is a key/value store which translates into entries in your environment file.

To add, update or remove a variable simply click the edit button in the top right, type in the variable and its value and then press ‘Save’.

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You can remove an existing variable by clicking the remove button on the chosen row.

Deploying changes

To deploy environment changes, a full deployment is necessary which takes approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on your project and environment.

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The actual values of the variables will never be disclosed outside of the “Configuration” section of Silverstripe Cloud.