SpeedCurve performs real user monitoring of the front-end of your website, and our integration enables you to automatically trigger a round of performance testing when you perform a successful deployment.

We recommend this integration is only enabled on your Production environment, to ensure that you get the best quality data using real-world load conditions on your website.

Setting up SpeedCurve

To connect SpeedCurve to your environment, you will need:

  • your numeric SpeedCurve Site ID, which can be found in the URL when editing your site in the Settings section.
  • your API key, which is available on the Admin > Teams page.
  1. In the Integrations section of your environment, click Add Integration and choose SpeedCurve.
  2. Enter your Site ID
  3. Click Save.

When a successful deployment is performed, SpeedCurve will trigger a new performance test and add a note about the deployment to your graphs.