The Slack integration enables your team to receive updates about the deployments for your environment. Each message contains contextual information about the deployment, such as the SHA of the deployment, or the person who approved the deployment.

Example Slack Message

Setting up Slack

In order to configure the Slack integration, you need to connect your Slack workspace to Silverstripe Cloud. This gives the appropriate permissions to post messages to your chosen channel.

  1. In the Integrations section of your environment, click Add Integration and choose Slack.
  2. Click the Add to Slack button, where you’ll be redirected to Slack to authorize the connection to Silverstripe Cloud.
  3. Choose the channel or person you’d like to send the notifications to, and click Authorize.
    Slack Authorization

By default you’ll receive notifications for each stage of the deployment, but you can customize when you receive notifications by editing the integration and choosing which notifications you’d like to receive.