Raygun automatically captures errors that occur with your website, and our deployment integration allows you to correlate recent deployments with spikes in errors.

Your deployments will be shown on the errors chart for your Raygun application, where you can drill down into each deployment to show the new errors since the deployment, as well as information about the deployer and commits if relevant.

This integration does not require the silverstripe/silverstripe-raygun module, and is standalone to capturing errors with Raygun in your website code.

Setting up Raygun

To connect Raygun to your environment, you will need:

  • an API token, which can be found in the Application Settings section of your Raygun application.
  • an External Access Token, which can be found in your user’s Settings page.
  1. In the Integrations section of your environment, click Add Integration and choose Raygun.
  2. Enter your API Token and External Access Token
  3. Click Save.

When you next perform a successful deployment, you should see your deployment in the Deployments section of your Raygun application.

Raygun Deployments