Integrations allow you to connect third-party services to your Silverstripe Cloud environment, enabling your team to streamline their development and testing processes.

Supported integrations

Service Description
Slack The Slack integration will send a message during the chosen stages of the deployment, such as a deployment submitted for approval or a failed deployment. The message contains contextual information about the deployment and its status.
New Relic APM Completed deployments are sent to your New Relic application to track how the recent change has affected your stack’s performance.

Deployment Tracking is not available to all New Relic APM pricing plans.
SpeedCurve SpeedCurve enables you to test the front-end performance of your website, and performing a deployment with this integration will automatically trigger a test of your website.
Webhooks Webhooks allow you to build custom applications that listen for deployment events from Cloud. When triggered, the URL you’ve specified will be sent a POST request containing a JSON representation of the deployment.
When a deployment is successful, these integrations will send information about the completed deployment to help you to correlate deployments with new or existing errors.

How integrations work

Integrations are designed to run on certain transitions of the status of your deployment, such as a deployment going from “Approved” to “In Progress”.

Some integrations allow you to choose what transitions to run on, and some only run on certain transitions, such as successful deployments being sent to your error tracking software.

During your deployment, the deployment log will contain entries for when your integrations are triggered and whether they ran successfully or not.

Managing integrations

Your environment has an Integrations tab to manage your third-party connections. To add an integration, click Add Integration, and then choose the integration you’d like to add. You may be required to fill out some information or connect Silverstripe Cloud to your chosen service’s account.

Want an integration added?

If there’s a specific integration you would like added to the Silverstripe Cloud, then get in touch with us outlining your use-case for your project.